NAK Alumni Association

Omicron Chapter Alumni Association

The NAK Omicron Alumni Association was founded in August 2015.

We strive to provide family-like academic and professional support in a nurturing environment for the benefit of our Brothers and local communities.

The NAK Omicron Alumni Association passionately believes in advancement and social change based on the three core principals of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity:

Education, Culture, and Unity

It is with these beliefs that the OAA advocates and serves all underserved individuals and populations to meet its fundamental objective; which is to actively seek positive development for youth, young adults, and our professional Brothers.

Furthermore, the OAA pledges itself to this development in the specific areas of academia, cultural awareness, and selfless contributions to our Brothers as well as our local communities.

The OAA understands that we can never seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.

The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation are to:

  • Personal & Community Development – To conduct seminars and workshops to promote educational opportunities, conduct exploratory events, and perform personal development activities for our Brothers and community.
  • Scholarship – To provide grants and scholarships to underserved and well-deserving individuals pursuing higher education.
  • Community Involvement – To interact with government agencies, companies, or other organizations for the purpose of exploring grants and scholarships opportunities to our local communities.
  • Omicron Chapter Support – To lend support or assistance as needed to the Omicron Undergraduate Chapter recognized at the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Non-Graduate Support – To offer support and resources to brothers of the Omicron Chapter who have not graduated from college and are not currently enrolled in college.
  • The OAA is comprised of NAK members who have graduated from a state-accredited 4-year university, professional members, and honorary members.

Current Membership Roster:

Juan J Hernandez OFF 1 | Omar Huichapa OFF 9 | Ivan Trigueros OA 10 | Errol Ramos OA 11 | Michael Mendez OB 12 | Isidro Lopez OB 13 | Luis Hernandez OB 14 | Rene Flores OG 16 | Alvaro Viramontes OG 17 | Tomas Luquin OG 18 | Diego Villagrana OG 20 | Ricardo Salazar OG 22 | Carlos Hernandez OD 25 | Tony Martinez OD 26 | Matthew Aguirre OD 29 | Adan Guzman OD 30 | Eduardo Sanchez OD 33 | Curtis Wilson OE 39 | Carlos Sandoval OE 40 | Sairiel Marin OE 42 | Juan Calderon, OE 44 | Manuel Martinez OZ 45 | Alex Reyes OZ 47 | Juan V López, OZ 48 | Frankie Garcia Oθ 54 | Eric Uribe Oθ 56

Consider Supporting The OAA!

The OAA hosts a plethora of events throughout the year such as internal development workshops for our active members, scholarship fundraisers for our scholarship program and community outreach events for the betterment of our fellow man.

If you would like to support our endeavors and growth, please donate via Venmo to “OmicronAlumni-Association.” Your donation is tax deductible and would be incredibly appreciated.

If you are interested in other ways to possibly contribute, please contact our CEO Juan V López at